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You must say that you are requesting this information under the Freedom of Information Act or they will not respond.Also something to note, I have seen it said in several places that although the detail of individual missions are not available to the public, that there are no "secret special ops" types that do not exist on the books, from reading a few fake vets sites this seems to be a favorite story.

If the former member is deceased, surviving next of kin may, under certain circumstances, be entitled to greater access to a deceased veteran's records than a member of the public. When I asked him about it, he gave a short description, then changed the subject. If he reacts and stops it, he's clearly been in the special forces/is a samurai . People who really have been in special ops units do talk about it and sometimes you can't shut them up.I know a guy (I'll call him J) who was likely in the SAS.He's about 70 years old and comes into my local a couple of times a week - always drinks a couple of straight vodkas and goes on his way. Quiet, intelligent, and even now that he is not a young man, he exudes an aura of contained power, certainly sufficient to make him the last person that anybody would try to mess with.At one of the fast-food concession stands/picnic areas (the mess hall food was atrocioius at that time), I overheard a buncha wind dummies doing the whole HOORAH! Young wind dummies huffed and puffed, then went away.Older guy, maybe a soldier, maybe not (his uniform had no rank insignia, nor unit patches) stopped by on the way out and simply said, "Thanks." I'm pretty sure he was a snake eater.

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