Invalidating query cache entries table mysql

Some cache driver are not meant to be used in a distributed environment.Load-balancer for distributing workloads across multiple computing resources should be used in conjunction with distributed caching system such as memcached, redis, riak ...This method tracks data changes by extracting metadata from update or delete queries or from within SQL comments.Scale Arc’s auto cache invalidation feature uses the transparent No SQL technology by extracting metadata from the query and tagging the cache objects used to associate cache entries with invalidation queries.

DQL UPDATE / DELETE statements are ported directly into a database and bypass the second-level cache, Entities that are already cached will NOT be invalidated.Second level cache does not store instances of an entity, instead it caches only entity identifier and values.Each entity class, collection association and query has its region, where values of each instance are stored.With this invalidation method, Scale Arc can guarantee that its cache will not serve stale data.This feature significantly increases the number of use cases where you can apply caching without the risk of data inconsistency challenges that can result from using TTL-based invalidation.

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