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He served as a kadı (an Islamic judge and ombudsman) in Kayseri.This explains why he addresses judicial problems in the jokes not only religious ones.1996–1997 was declared International Nasreddin Year by UNESCO.

В человеке ценю такое качество как честность, жить хочу в Мне 31, звать Джордж.

Shanghai Animation Film Studio produced a 13-episode Nasreddin related animation called 'The Story of Afanti'/ 阿凡提 (电影) in 1979, which became one of the most influential animations in China's history.

The musical Nasirdin Apandim features the legend of Nasreddin effendi ("sir, lord"), largely sourced from Uighur folklore. The Central Asian peoples also claim his local origin, as do Uyghurs.

They are told and retold endlessly in the teahouses and caravanserais of Asia and can be heard in homes and on the radio.

But it is inherent in a Nasreddin story that it may be understood at many levels.

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The Nasreddin stories are known throughout the Middle East and have touched cultures around the world.

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